Little Heroes



Our monthly fee is 990€ for over 3yr olds and 1360€ for under 3 year olds. Fee is charged once a month and payable 12 times per school year. Our school year runs from August to June. A refundable registration fee of 90€ will be charged once we confirm your child's place in our kindergarten. This will be deducted from the first month's tuition fee.

Children are fully insured while in kindergarten. A healthy breakfast, lunch and snack are included in the monthly fee. Families can apply for financial support from Finnish Kansaneläkelaitos, Kela's Private Day Care Allowance and "kuntalisä". If applied and eligible Kela will pay the support directly to our kindergarten and we will invoice your family for the difference between our monthly fee and Kela’s support.

Applications must be made to Kela office. Below are our details of our fees and current minimum Private Daycare Support that can be received from Kela. Final support amount will depend on factors such as which city you live in and your family income.

Under 3's Full Time fee
Fee under 3's: 1360€
Helsinki support: 772.25€
Espoo support: 784.25€

Over 3's Full Time fee
Fee over 3's: 990€
Helsinki suport: 512.25€
Espoo support: 600.25€