Little Heroes

Our story


Little Heroes Kindergarten in Lauttasaari provides early childhood education for 1,5-5 year olds in English for children who may be bilingual, mother tongue is English or children who just want to learn a second language. We are the first kindergarten in Finland to offer Mandarin Chinese, making us a truly international kindergarten!

We are very excited to be in the same building as the Lauttasaari Voluntary Fire Brigade (LVPK) and our next door neighbor Deutcher Kindergarten. Both of them have an impressive, long history in Lauttasaari. There is also a Swedish primary school next to our building. It is a joy to be located next to these organisations who have an important educational role in the community.

The Beginning of our journey as Little Heroes

Our co-founder Jenny was a first-time mum when she was looking for a daycare for her daughter a few years ago. She grew up learning Chinese from her parents and Finnish from her friends at school. She wanted her daughter to have the opportunity to learn Chinese as she did. We learn languages the best at young age hence, Jenny was hoping her daughter could learn Chinese at a daycare. But she was disappointed there was no daycare offering Chinese. When Jenny discovered the situation was the same when she looked for daycare for her son couple of years later she was disappointed again. "Surely there is demand for this most spoken language in the world, even in Finland", Jenny thought. Jenny met Little Heroes' co- founder Annika, an experienced kindergarten teacher through her daughter’s daycare.

Jenny had seen Annika at her work. She was a fun and dedicated teacher who truly cares for childrens’ wellbeing and development. Annika was also very hands-on when it came to setting up various activities for the benefit of the daycare children. So Jenny decided to ask Annika to join her in setting up an international kindergarten. And this is how the story of Little Heroes Kindergarten began.