Little Heroes

Our team


Annika Hätönen
Co-founder / Kindergarten Director

Annika has over 15 years of experience in working with children. She is a dedicated and popular kindergarten teacher with passion for teaching and children's development. She never runs out of ideas for activities to do with children and she constantly looks for ways to engage and inspire them.

" At Little Heroes I will be leading a team of experienced kindergarten and language teachers. I'm very hands-on and I take active teaching role in the kindergarten. In my spare time I do pilates and boxing. I'm also a board member of my children's school board and a member of the same school's parent's association"

Leena Vahervuori
Kindergarten teacher

Leena comes with over 10 years of experience in working with young children. She also has experience in guiding and educating children with special needs. At Little Heroes Leena takes a very active role in planning physical activities for children indoors and outdoors.

Leena is a very positive person and she gets along with people from different backrounds. Leena enjoys reading and playing tennis in her spare time.

Jenny Law
Co-founder / CEO

Jenny has nearly ten year of experience in working in finance in global companies in London. After returning to Finland she has been leading her family business.

"At Little Heroes I manage the business side of our kindergarten. Due to my international background I also take active role in developing the language playgroups and the kindergarten as a whole. In my free time I enjoy cycling, cooking and baking with my children. I love travelling to new places and experiencing local food"